SEO Link Building For Small Businesses and Startups

My name is Maylí Acevedo and I have over five years of experience in the SEO world as a Link Builder, Trainer, and SEO Specialist. I started my career working for a growing digital marketing agency. While working with them, I learned everything there is to know about link-building and acted as a mentor for dozens of people starting their career path in SEO.

After years of contributing to the growth of various brands, I decided to start my own project and partner with Dharma Corp Store to help small businesses and startups compete with large companies that dominate the digital space through the creation of organic and relevant links through white hat strategies.

Although link building has gained a bad reputation over the past few years as a result of suspicious black hat strategies that many have put into practice, I have witnessed how obtaining high-quality links positively impacts a company's digital presence and contributes to long-term brand growth. This is why I now offer my service specifically to small businesses and startups looking to grow their digital presence organically and sustainably.

Why work with me?

High-quality links

My quality guidelines are based on a holistic knowledge of the digital industry, so the links you will receive will be of high quality. I have a zero-tolerance policy for link farms, PBNs (Private Blogs Networks), forums, directories, bookmarking sites, and the like. All the backlinks you get will come from websites with a real reputation and will have a minimum DR of 20 (or higher if you prefer).


By hiring my service, you have full access to strategies, results, processes, and everything related to the process of building links to your website.


I am against the "one size fits all" policy that most digital agencies implement. By working with me, you get a specialized service that is tailored to your needs: Do you want to see an impact on your local SEO? Do you want to improve the ranking of a specific page? Do you want to rank for a specific keyword? I am happy to tailor my work to your goals and budget to ensure you get the results you expect from your link-building investment.

White hat strategies

All my link-building campaigns are based on white-hat strategies completely focused on outreach. I specialize in broken link campaigns, resource pages, unlinked mentions, and PR links on platforms such as Featured (formerly Terkel), Connectively (formerly HARO), and Qwoted. These strategies ensure that the backlinks obtained will have a long-term positive impact and contribute to the healthy growth of your website's digital presence.


I am always happy to receive comments and feedback regarding my work and I am glad to solve doubts and questions from my clients. In addition, my experience as an SEO trainer helped me develop excellent communication skills that allow me to convey my ideas and knowledge in a simple and didactic way.


You don't have to worry about me sharing my knowledge with competitors. If you hire my services, I will not accept any other client offering the same services as you during the time we are working together.


During my five years in the link-building world, I have had the opportunity to work with clients in various niches. Either directly or through mentoring other link builders, I have developed link-building strategies for SaaS companies, eCommerce sites, and blogs. Websites I have been involved with in their link-building process include a law firm, a resume builder, a CBD and cannabis store, a life coach's blog, a medical referral site, a logo generator, a baby and children's product review blog, a gold and silver exchange house, a job board for military veterans, among others. My extensive experience is what has allowed me to guide others in the world of SEO and that is why I have had the opportunity to share my ideas with relevant publications in the marketing world such as Marketer Interview and

Take your business to the next level

Contact me to schedule a free consultation and talk about the various link-building strategies you can implement to improve the positioning of your website in a healthy way and with results that will be maintained in the long term.